Tales of Grognarda

Hi! I'm Grognarda. I like to play RPGs and video games. I like to argue about RPGs and video games.

Why am I here and not on Wordpress or something? Well, I don't really want this to be just a blog. I like being able to control my content. I like the old-internet feel of just having a hole to put things in without some algorithm getting on me about it. Also, I know enough HTML that I can have fun with this and do cool things when I want to.

I am many things: a gamer, a rules lawyer, a DM, a programmer, a trans woman, a communist, a lover of cats. I can also make bread, but you fools on the internet can't eat it unless you know me personally. So you'll just have to take my word that it's good.

Why am I Grognarda (or rather, why am I a grognard?) The word comes from old French, meaning "old guard". Although I'm probably a bit too young to properly fit the term, I choose it because I like things that are stereotypically associated with grognards. I like rules-heavy games. I like weird minutia. I like rolling on tables. I like board games that take several hours to play. Other people might not like these things as much, but they bring me joy. And face it, every table needs a grognard sometimes. I am a grognard because I unironically love the aspects of games that other people hate.

The Creed Of Grognarda

I shall be the keeper of the rules, the guardian against disorganized play. I shall understand my role in a gaming group, and bear in mind the responsibility it grants me; to coexist with my fellow players who are not grognards, to serve as rules lawyer without favor or prejudice. I shall find my fun in things that other people think are boring, and I shall avoid boring them. I shall not be ironic in my love of games, nor shall I allow ironoia to grasp the table at which I play. I shall follow the rule of cool and cool of rule in equal measure, and encourage those around me to do the same. And should any challenge me, the rules shall be my sword and shield in serving them their defeat.

More to come...